Årsskrift 2015 & 2016

— The Velux Foundations

The Velux Foundations is an extraordinary funding body supporting scientific, environmental, social and cultural projects.


The Velux Foundations is made up of the Velux Fonden and the Villum Fonden. Together they fund scientific, environmental, social and cultural projects in Denmark and abroad. The annual report is a showcase of these projects and highlights the extraordinary impact the foundations have made in these areas. 



The brief for this project was to update the existing design, which was outdated and dull. Our aim was to create a design which can be used both for years to come and had the potential to evolve. The content should be framed so that it is accessible and easily understood by a broad audience, not just those involved in the sciences


We re-structured the publication so that the financial data was a distinct section. We did this by using an uncoated paper and a subtle blue background tint. 

For the articles section, we used a satin paper to give it that magazine quality. Overall the aesthetic was simple, clean and stylish. 

The complexity of the information was made easier to digest through pull-outs, splashes and infographics. 

Annual Report in Danish and English. 

Overall visual design refresh and Layout. 

Hill+Knowlton Strategies

2015 & 2016

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