Training Android superstars.

— Telenor

BadAss #2

App Design

An employee training app using gameplay and characters to personalise the learning process. 

Badass #2 is an app based on the Brand Mobile platform. The app is designed to train Telenor employees on the features and benefits of moving to the Android platform. The app has five tests, in each the user should swipe, tap, and swoosh their way to becoming an Android expert. 

The employee answers questions and earns points, they can challenge their colleagues and play bonus games. The ten ‘Android types’ are integrated into the app, so the employee can also become familiar with the customer campaign. 

App design

Hill+ Knowlton Strategies


Hvilken Android-type er du?

Illustration & Design

Ten fun android characters which identity with the user and pair them with their dream phone. 

For Telenor’s homepage we created a campaign where customers can take a quiz and be paired with their dream phone. Based on the customer’s answers, they may be the ‘creative type’ or the ‘geeky type’. I created these Android illustrations to bring life to the campaign and build a visual association with the characters. 

Illustration, web design

Hill+ Knowlton Strategies